tools that work


Research & Analysis

Unlocking and shaping markets presuppose a strong and convincing case and knowing your real target audience. No matter what, research will be necessary to get the facts straight, connect the dots and present it in a compelling way to the right influencers and decision makers.  We have performed numerous different types of research, surveys, registry analysis etc, that have been a key success factor in bringing public attention to unmet needs, regional differences and human insights. 

Stakeholder mapping

Targeting has no meaning unless it is abased on a solid understanding of who you, in one way or another, need to adress in your communication. We are well-accustomed to ask the right and often critical questions when researching and mapping out stakeholders. It should be about defining target groups that exercise real influence or hold the power to change circumstances substantially on the market.

3rd Party MobiliSation and Advocacy

Credibility and trust are the currency in today’s overcrowded market environment, and few things beat having the endorsement from third party stakholders. We know how to have people outside your organisation making your case to the target audience. It is about finding common ground on specific challenges and opportunities and together, or independently, convey messages or value stories that produce real change in your market environment. Call, us for more information and examples of awareness programs we have run throughout the years.

Media relations

The implied third-party endorsement of print and broadcast media often have a powerful effect on public opinion and people’s behaviour. We have the experience to identify the opportunities for publicity and provide the necessary components for a story that makes sense to the journalist, intrigues the readership and support the achieving of your goals. We have a strong record of delivering coverage on issues and value offers, in both national and local media, often integrated with selling in opinion pieces. 

Issues & Crisis Management

Companies operating in complex market environment face often a multitude of stakeholders that keep a close look at their intentions and actions. We help you to navigate the minefields; and prepare for and manage worst-case scenarios. Preparedness planning, KOL management, media and interview training and 24h media surveillance are some of tools we use to help you either preventing or riding the media storm.

Branding & Communication

There is much to gain from managing and orchestrating all internal and external communications to create a favorable point of view among all those which your company depends. A likeable image and a reputation of bringing value to customers and society; pave the way for successful stakeholder engagement. We can provide you with solutions throughout the entire process - from crafting your corporate brand identity to developing graphic profiles and producing detailing kits.

Public Affairs & Lobbying

In many markets, in particular the ones where customer demand is to large extent the result of public funding; politics and policymaking eventually matters. We help you to convince the right people at the right level to make your concerns their political priority, by designing and implementing strategies and programs that build pressure but also offers a win-win.

Market Communication

Regardless of product or service to be promoted, you need to tell the customer market a relevant story in a creative and integrated way that moves them, your brand and sales. We plan, develop and execute solutions tailored to your specific challenges and needs. Feel free to call us for some case studies.